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A Model of Online Consumers’ Response to E-Commerce Website Visiting using Clickstream Data

Abstract Our research provides a unique approach to evaluate the online consumers purchasing behavior patterns using […]

A Capability Development Process Framework: Insights from Green IT Program of China Mobile

Abstract With the growing significance of green IT program addressing climate change among industries, there is […]

Having Chosen the Supervisor for My PhD Study

Finally I have chosen Professor Teo Hock Hai as my supervisor and it’s really my great […]

Adopting Social Capital to Explain Personal Career Achievements

Abstract Social capital has caused widespread concern in various academic circles during the past decades and […]

Exploring Factors Influencing Users’ Acceptance of Mobile Phone Commerce based on Flow Experience

Abstract With the continued prosperous development of mobile phone commerce in recent years, it has become […]

[Conference] Anne S. Tsui: Industrial Relations & Building A Harmonious Corporation

On Nov. 6th, 2010, Prof. Anne S. Tsui (Xu Shuying) gave an excellent lecture about her recent research in the seminar held by School of Business, Nanjing University. The seminar is mainly aimed at helping modern corporations improve themselves through innovation.

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